Sunday, May 11, 2008

Anti-crossover law to safeguard political integrity

NEVER mind if it is the BN leaders or the opposition who want to introduce the anti-hop law in our system of democracy.

Never mind too if the BN leaders in the past were the ones who disliked the idea of such laws to prevent party-hopping by unscrupulous elected representatives who had no qualms about changing their political allegiance and loyalty overnight, to the extent that they succeeded in knocking it off, especially in the case of Sabah and Sarawak
Because of the nature and standards of some of our politicians who lack political convictions and who would not hesitate to trade their principles and ideas whenever it is convenient, they therefore tend to attach importance to ethics, principles, fairness and integrity.

Without the anti-hop law, politics would become adulterated and politicians are likely to become corrupt.

The anti-hop laws keep decency in politics and ensure the trust and mandate of the voters are not betrayed.

If you ask me for an opinion, party-hopping is immoral, unethical and unbecoming to begin with. It should be made a crime as it bothers on cheating.

For the other school of thought, if they think party-hopping is a democratic right of an elected representative, if he or she so chooses to change his mind about his party platform or the ideals and principles they stand for, then at least, the anti-hop law will have the effect of making them vacate their seat first.

By vacating the seat, it will allow an equally important democratic process to take place, that is, a by-election, and this gives the voters a chance to say if they agree or disagree with the jumping. That will be fair to all parties.

Frog politics is unhealthy and therefore is no good to a society that longs for integrity, quality of life and good governance.

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