Monday, November 16, 2009

Enter Politic if you want to talk about Human Rights??

Every morning when I enter my office, first thing I did is to scroll through the Malaysian Papers via the internet. It s becomes my daily routine and it is the only method for me to update myself with what happening in Malaysia.

Today I was caught in surprised reading the statement by Sarawak Chief Minister as quote from New Strait Time (Appended below).

Be aware guys whenever you all talk about human rights otherwise you all will be challenged to enter politic arena. If you are not interested in politic then it is better to keep your mouth shut…hahaha

What a funny jokes – Just to express yours disappointment against the Government, you have to register with ROS and become a political party. Does this really need? If yes, pity the ROS staff as they will be busy with new political party registration…oppsss..probably it will be rejected before they even see the application form……!!!!

Well…at least you all get the signal guys…do not talk about the human rights and do not questioned government on the way the run the shows if you are not a YB!!!!!!!!! Although we are the one who put them there.

Taib: Suhakam should enter politics

KUCHING: Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud said the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) and local non-governmental organisations should register themselves as political parties if they were unhappy with the way Sarawak managed the Penan and the environment.

Speaking at the sixth anniversary of the Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) here, Taib said: "Suhakam, which is supposed to fight for human rights, has talked much about the Penan and environmental issues, and even on the orang utan.

"Why can't they (Suhakam and NGOs) become political parties, instead of disguising themselves as NGOs?"

Taib's disappointment with Suhakam stemmed from its recently released report on the Penan community in Belaga affected by the construction of the Murum dam.

In the report, Suhakam expressed disappointment with the way the Penan were treated by the state authorities and contractors.

Suhakam urged the state authorities not to repeat the mistakes made when they relocated the people displaced by the Bakun and Batang Ai dams.

Suhakam also hit out at logging companies operating in the Baram interior and their treatment of the Penans.

Taib, who is also the First Minister of Resource Planning and Management, said NGOs were twisting facts on the way the state managed its forests to suit their agenda.

"Our sustainable forest management has been recognised by the International Tropical Timber Organisation as among the best in the developing world."

He said the findings of the NGOs did not reflect the situation on the ground.

Taib, who is also the chairman of SFC, said the logging companies had given a lot of assistance to the Penan in Baram and Belaga.

"This is something that they (NGOs) cannot deny."

He said local NGOs had given misleading statements and wrong facts to foreign NGOs and countries, including that forests in Sarawak inhabited by orang utans were cleared to make way for oil palm plantations.

He said not all the forests in Sarawak were inhabited by orang utan.

"They are found in certain areas, like the Lanjak-Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary, Batang Ai National Park and Meludam Wetland National Park."

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