Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nurul Izzah: We need a true fighter, not a wolf

KUCHING: PKR's Puteri Reformasi Nurul Izzah Anwar today gave her clearest indication yet that she is backing Zaid Ibrahim in his quest for the deputy president's post in the forthcoming party polls.
While lambasting “narrow-minded politicians” in PKR, Nurul Izzah said that Zaid, on the other hand, was a leader with vision for the party.

Earlier in her speech to party members in Sarawak last night, she called on them to choose leaders who are committed to the ideals and the principle of the party.

“I don’t mind who you choose as the president and deputy president or as vice president. What is the most important thing is that he or she must be someone who is sincere, and who is committed to the ideals and principle of the party.

Nurul Izzah

“He must be a true fighter,” she added, reminding them that in their efforts to choose leaders, they should be aware of leaders who were just like a wolf wearing a sheepskin.

While she had not named Zaid, or any other leaders, in her speech, she nevertheless told reporters this morning that she would back Zaid as a leader of the party.

She pointed out that Zaid had the necessary leadership qualities to steer PKR forward.
Zaid will be facing off vice-president Azmin Ali for the deputy's post in the party polls. While Nurul Izzah has now openly backed Zaid, Azmin is said to have the backing of Nurul's father and party's supreme leader Anwar Ibrahim.

From Nov 13, all members in Sarawak as well as in Sabah and Peninsular Malaysia would also vote for national leaders for the posts of deputy president, five vice-presidents and members of the supreme council.

“PKR is the party of the future,” Nurul said, pointing out that the party did not want “wolves in sheepskins”.
“It is not the party for people from Semenanjung Malaysia, but for all Malaysians including those from Sarawak and Sabah.

We need Zaid
At a press conference before returning to Kuala Lumpur this morning, Nurul, the Lembah Pantai MP, indicated her support for party leader Zaid.

“In my speech I was referring to some narrow-minded politicians at national level, who talked about the interests of certain racial groups only,” she said.

“We need Zaid and under his leadership, KL has progressed so much and he has vision for the party,” she added.

“How can I refer to Zaid as a wolf as I am supposed to be ‘extremely anti Azmin’? she asked.

Meanwhile Azmin arrived today in Kuching to woo Sarawak PKR members to vote for him. Besides Kuching, he would also visit other towns and villages. Sarawak has 29 PKR divisions, while Sabah has 26 divisions.


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