Sunday, November 15, 2009

Will it be END?

Again bumiputera issue become hot topic in Sarawak. The rejection of Marina Undau enrolment into Matriculation despite his father is an Iban has sparked the issue amongst Sarawakian. She scored 9A’s and 1B’s in last SPM. In fact this was not the first issue involving bumiputera status, similar cases has been occurred in the past. This happen due to the State Constitution was not in line with Federal Constitution on the definitions with regards to Bumiputera status - resulting in confusion to the officer in charge.

Datuk Douglas Uggah (Minister of Natural Resources and Environment) on Friday @ 13th Nov told, cabinet have made administrative ruling that Marina Undau and companies are now officially recognised as Bumiputera. He said “If the father is a bumiputera. The offspring (children) is Bumiputera”. He also want the change to take effect immediately and told that the directive have been issued to all ministry for them to comply with this administrative ruling. He said, as the amendment of the constitution may take time, they have to agree to the administrative ruling and will review the constitution on a later date.

With this administrative ruling, Marina now should be accepted for her matriculation. Nevertheless, I still think that government have to review and amend the Federal Constitution at the soonest in order to put a big END to such issues in future.

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